Benefits Manager

In today’s world, the quality of your benefits program increasingly dictates the quality of workers
you attract, hire, and retain. In addition to handling all the plan administration responsibilities
you have come to expect from a benefits provider, Congruity HR also delivers best-in-class
talent to help you and your employees make the most of this important part of the employee
experience, from onboarding through annual enrollment.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

It all begins with that famous, personalized, Congruity HR onboarding experience. We’ll kick things off with an HR and Payroll compliance audit, a service designed to evaluate your needs, identify gaps, and get you up and running in record time. Of course, you’ll also gain access to our powerful HR Portal, a complete paperless enrollment process, and other basic services and support. 

Helping with Healthcare

A staple component of all our offerings, Congruity HR’s Payroll Administration services can transform this stressful and time-consuming (yet extremely important) process into a snap. Of course, we’ll handle both regular and off-cycle payments, but we also take care of tax filings, garnishments, and all other necessary withholdings.


Readying for Retirement

Although HR and personnel issues can get pretty complex, we also know there are times when you need a quick answer to a simple question. Our robust HR portal allows you to access commonly used forms, templates, best practice recommendations, compliance resources, and more. All there for the taking, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And if you don’t find what you need, you can give us a call. We’re always here when you need us. 

Protecting the Family

If you have employees, you have risk. It’s an unavoidable part of doing business, but Congruity HR can help you to protect your employees – and insulate your business – so you never have to worry about disruption.


Beyond the Basics

To keep current employees happy and to become a magnet for new talent, you’ve got to deliver benefits that are both comprehensive and competitive. As part of your HR Core experience, Congruity HR will provide you with a dedicated benefits account manager, as well as access to traditional programs, plus health and wellness perks that are sure to please your team. We’ll even handle all the eligibility management and enrollment tasks. 

Powerful Perks

Flex time. Tuition reimbursement. Gym memberships. Student loan assistance. When it comes to thinking outside the box for benefits packages, Congruity HR has the market insight and industry expertise to recommend the latest tips and trends in the perks in nontraditional benefits that will help your organization become a magnet for talent.


Open Enrollment Made Easy

When it comes time to make those all-important benefit elections, Congruity HR has your back. From educational materials to election tools, from group webinars to one-on-one coaching, Congruity HR does it all. We’ll demystify the process and choices for your workforce and de-stress this busy time of year for you. (By the way, we’ll help with life events, too!)

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